Oral Tumors and Cysts in Tijuana

Tumores y Quistes Cara, boca y cuello en Tijuana. Cirujano Maxilofacial

The tumors and cysts of the face, they are growths or lesions that form in the jaw or in the soft tissues of the mouth, neck, and face. 

These can than be different depending on the size and gravity of the situation; for the most part, these enlargements are not benign, but can be aggressive and invade the bones and tissues around them and expand to the teeth.


Treatment options for Tumors and Cysts of the jaw vary by patient depending on the type of growth or lesion one has, or depending on the stage of growth and the symptoms shown. 


The causes of jaw tumors and cysts are generally unknown; however, most of them are associated with genetic syndromes. 


It is crucial to be evaluated by a specialist in Maxillofacial Surgery at the moment of noticing something strange and unusual in your mouth, palate and tongue, because this in case the tumor is malignant, to be able to treat it in time and take a treatment as soon its possible.


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