Mentoplasty or Chin Surgery in Tijuana

Mentoplasty or chin augmentation and chin reduction Tijuana is a relatively quick and simple surgical procedure that provides incredible harmonic results.

From a small intraoral incision near the maxilla, the maxillofacial surgeon performs the necessary techniques to harmonize the patient's face.


Ways to carry out this procedure

Move forward or move your chin forward.

Back it up or move your chin back.

On the side, aligning the chin or chin in its proper position

With cut, shortening or lengthening the chin.


Who is a candidate for a mentoplasty?


Patients looking to harmonize their facial features, rebuild his craniofacial face as a result of a traumatism or severe accident, due to congenital facial asymmetry, in the process of gender resignation and patients seeking a greater balance of his chin as an aid to orthognathic surgery.


The price of mentoplasty in Tijuana is variable since each patient is a completely different case and a different technique is used, therefore it is necessary to assist with a certified maxillofacial as Dr. Jorge Rodríguez Cisneros for a prior assessment and to analyze your specific case.

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