Orthognathic Surgery in Tijuana stands out for correcting misalignments and the position of the jaw when there has been an excess or lack of growth of the mandibular bone. With the experience and knowledge of a maxillofacial surgeon, this procedure not only addresses functional issues but also aesthetic ones, such as prognathism, bite, and other dental-facial deformities or asymmetries.


Types of Orthognathic Surgery or Malocclusions:


Orthognathic Surgery Class 3:

Also called mandibular prognathism, this malocclusion occurs when the lower jaw protrudes beyond the upper jaw, creating an appearance of "large or forward jaw" and often associated with functional difficulties as well as aesthetic ones.


Orthognathic Surgery Class 2:

Known as mandibular retrognathism, this malocclusion is characterized by a lower jaw positioned behind the upper jaw, which can lead to bite problems and facial aesthetic issues.


Some other characteristics and problems that may make you a candidate for Orthognathic Surgery include Dentofacial Asymmetry, Gummy Smile, Open Bite, Cheekbone Reduction, Chin Surgery.

It has been considered that the stage of adulthood is the ideal time to achieve a better aesthetic result and functionality in the mouth with this type of intervention, thus obtaining magnificent and significant results for the patient who must be evaluated in a very thorough way .


The cost of orthognathic surgery in Tijuana, Mexico ranges from $6,000 to $9,000 USD, or its equivalent in the national currency, approximately 98,800 to 149,000 Mexican pesos, and depending on the specific case of each patient.

The cost is determined by the specialist and his team through studies, specific x-rays for these cases and preferably with an in-person evaluation of the patient candidate for surgery.


For Dr. Jorge Rodríguez Cisneros, a specialist with notable results in this type of interventions, functionality and aesthetics go hand in hand, using and combining his extensive experience with the latest techniques and technologies available in this surgical procedure.





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Cecilia Nájera
Cecilia Nájera
Tijuana, México
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"He is an excellent maxillofacial, super fast he took my wisdom teeth out in Tijuana, it didn't hurt at all. The doctor is very kind and gives you a lot of confidence. Totally recommended. "
Berenice Bastón
Berenice Bastón
Rosarito, México
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"Dr. Rodríguez took care of my jaw and later removed two wisdom teeth that I needed. The best maxillofacial surgeon in Tijuana without a doubt. Recommended!"
Victor Guerrero
Victor Guerrero
San Diego, California
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"The best service and excellent treatment, with the best results and satisfaction, highly recommended."
Nataly pikna
Nataly pikna
San Francisco, California
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"The overall experience was excellent. I had no complications and the procedure was painless. Excellent surgeon and very affordable."
David Cevallos
David Cevallos
Ciudad de México
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"¡Excelente Doctor. Recomendable! " 👍🏻

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