La Cirugía Ortognática en Tijuana, es la encargada de corregir la posición de la mandíbula cuando se ha producido un exceso o una falta de crecimiento del hueso maxilofacial, se recurre a este tipo de cirugía corrigiendo las deformidades faciales derivadas del crecimiento anormal también conocido como prognatismo.

There are three types of Orthognathic Surgery:

  • Jaw Surgery

  • Maxillar Surgery

  • Bimaxilar Surgery

Some of the characteristics and problems that can make you a candidate for Orthognathic Surgery are Facial Asymmetry, Gummy Smile and Open Bite.

It has been considered that the stage of adulthood is the ideal time to achieve a better aesthetic result and functionality in the mouth with this type of intervention, thus obtaining magnificent and significant results for the patient who must be evaluated in a very thorough way .

For Dr. Jorge Rodríguez Cisneros, a specialist with vast experience and with great results throughout his extensive career in this type of intervention, functionality and aesthetics they go hand in hand.

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"Cirugía Ortognática Clase 2 o Retrognatia Mandibular"


"Cirugía Ortognática Clase 3 o Prognatismo Mandibular"