Wisdom Tooth Removal in Tijuana

The Extraction of Wisdom Teeth or Wisdom Tooth Removal in Tijuana,they are one of the most frequent surgeries within Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.

This is done when the last dental organs erupt or the wisdom teeth are included, therefore they are the highest in retention frequency and must be removed.

They can cause a lot of pain, bone loss, cavities, tooth dislocation among other things


The recommendation of any Maxillofacial Surgeon is the extraction of the wisdom tooth as soon as possible,since removing the wisdom teeth early avoids serious complications such as damaging the rest of the patient's healthy teeth and the facial nerves.


Why choose a Maxillofacial Surgeon for wisdom tooth removal?

The Maxillofacial Surgeon has the knowledge and the necessary preparation of both the oral cavity and the face.

Besides knowing perfectly the anatomy of the face, which allows to carry out a procedure with the highest quality standards in any eventuality; added to the fact that wisdom teeth extractions have a shorter duration and recovery time due to the technique and instruments implemented by the Maxillofacial Surgeon and specialist.


How is the process of Wisdom Teeth Extraction?

The wisdom tooth extraction procedure is based on the incision in the part of the patient's gum, then the third molar or wisdom tooth is extracted by the specialist.

Despite being a procedure of almost no pain as a result of anesthesia and technique of the specialist surgeon,inflammation of the area and some post-surgical discomfort are normal.

For this, it is It is important to follow to the letter the recommendations of the maxillofacial surgeon after surgery for a rapid and optimal recovery, which the disability can last between three, five or seven days. 


How much does wisdom teeth removal cost in Tijuana, Mexico?


The cost of wisdom teeth extraction in Tijuana performed by a specialist in Maxillofacial Surgery, is approximately $250 US dollars or its equivalent in national currency, that is, around 4,000 Mexican pesos.


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Eleazar Gómez H.
Eleazar Gómez H.
San Diego, California
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"Very good doctor, he removed me 4 wisdom teeth and all without pain and very little inflammation following the instructions"
Pedro De león
Pedro De león
San Diego, California
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"Excellent services, I had a wisdom tooth surgery in less than 30 minutes pain free. He is very experienced and a life saver".

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